The German company BEHRINGER, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of musical instruments and audio equipment, was founded in 1989. Starting with "standard" equipment such as analog sound processors and mixers, the BEHRINGER product line has grown tremendously to include digital and valve processors, a wide range of sound solutions (patch bays, DI boxes, headphone amplifiers, etc.) , as well as minitors, microphones and instrumental amplifiers.

The secret of BEHRINGER's success lies in the company's principle: to provide high quality products at the lowest possible prices. A key factor in achieving this goal is an efficient production facility located in Hong Kong.

BEHRINGER GERMANY is still the location of the main divisions of the engineering department, which now consists of several divisions focused on a specific product group. All logistics, administration, management for the European and nearby markets are located there.

In the manufacture of equipment and tools, the most advanced technologies are used, and strict control is applied at all stages of production. Therefore, BEHRINGER means not only loyal prices, but also always impeccable quality. This brand is chosen by musicians around the world,

Currently, the BEHRINGER brand is part of the MUSIC GROUP along with such big names in the industry as MIDAS, TC, TANNOY, TURBOSOUND.